Greetings from St. Louis


I’m really thrilled to be here in St. Louis. Since arriving in town, I’ve met Spartans and Spartan basketball fans from all over the country.

Later this evening I’ll get together with some of the major donors whose support is so vital to MSU. It’s an exhilarating time.

All of us are looking forward to the men’s basketball game against the Tar Heels on Saturday night, then the women’s game against the Volunteers that I’ll be traveling to see in Indianapolis on Sunday. For a long-time Spartan fan, having both of our teams in the Final Four is like a dream come true, although I know our successes have as much to do with hard work and team effort as they do dreams.

The national recognition of our players and coaches McCallie and Izzo and all of their accomplishments is well-deserved and well-earned. These are two really classy programs that represent the very best our state has to offer. We all should take pride in their successes and enjoy the attention that they bring to our university and community.

The next few days will be exciting ones, and I hope everyone will share in that excitement. It’s our time in the spotlight folks, and win or lose (although we all know in our hearts it’s going to be “win") it’s an opportunity to show people around the country the same class and quality that our coaches and players have demonstrated on and off the courts these past weeks. Let’s show everyone how a great university community celebrates and honors its teams.


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