MSU women’s basketball—an amazing run!


It’s only been a few days since my last journal entry, but I have to acknowledge the outstanding accomplishment of our MSU women’s basketball team.

On Monday night in Indianapolis, they won the Big Ten tournament championship for the first time ever.

I just wish I could have been at Conseco Fieldhouse to see them continue their amazing run—12 wins in a row and 28 this year overall. It’s been just great.

We talk a lot about how students bring their dreams to Michigan State. Something I’ve appreciated about MSU since I first came here in 1970 is that it’s a place where you can turn those into even bigger dreams. That’s one of the great things about this country and about American education—it encourages people to work toward making their dreams come true.

When I first went away to college, I dreamed of playing a variety of sports and of maybe being a coach someday. Somehow or other, I ended up a math major instead and on a different track. My dreams changed over the years, and just like most of you, I am very thankful to be living some of my dreams today. It’s been wonderful that during my first hundred days as president of this university, I have been able to watch a great group of young women make the dream of young girls today even bigger.

So thank you and congratulations to Coach P and her whole team. And special kudos to Kristin Haynie, who was named most outstanding player of the tournament. Now it’s on to the NCAA tournament! Go Green!


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