Last chance to register to vote!


You may recall that a few weeks ago the Michigan Secretary of State’s van was on campus to register voters during the tailgating and football game as part of MSU’s “You Vote” program.

What you may not know, is that Tuesday, October 10, is your LAST chance to register if you want to vote in the November election.

You can check here to find out whether you are registered. If you’re not, there’s a form online you can print out, fill in and take to one of the branches offices of the Michigan Secretary of State. The nearest location to campus is just across Grand River and up Charles Street at 400 Albert Avenue.

There’s an old adage that says people get the government they deserve. One of the advantages of our system is that you have the opportunity to make your voice heard as a part of the process that chooses that government.

But if you want that voice, you’ve got to vote. And if you want to vote, you’ve got to register.


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