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It’s been more than a year since I started posting my comments here, and not surprisingly, others are discovering and making use of this medium now as well.

In his “Editor’s Note” column in the February 2006 issue of University Business magazine, Tim Goral writes about university presidents around the country who have begun employing web-based technology—blogs and podcasts—to reach out to their communities.

And I was pleased to see that he made positive mention of this forum. 

I sometimes wonder who reads these comments, so it’s good to find out. And it’s always welcome when a colleague or a student reacts positively to something they read here, although it can be even more worthwhile (and thought provoking) to hear critical reactions as well. I know we still have a ways to go in terms of finding a suitable way to solicit and publish your responses and reactions to what I say here, but you can always e-mail them to me at

While we’re talking about communications, I also want to direct your attention to a new weekly MSU Today feature that Russ White and University Relations staff are producing for our new radio partner in Detroit, WJR. It’s designed to extend the “brand” of our existing MSU Today print magazine, of the MSU Today Web site and of the weekly MSU Today e-mail that reaches some 90,000 subscribers around the world.

Each week we pick a topic that highlights some of the excellent work being done by members of “Team MSU” and our partners—not unlike what I sometimes do here, but in their own words.

The feature airs at 11:55 a.m. Fridays, to coincide with each Friday’s e-mailing of news updates to MSU Today subscribers. It also can be downloaded in MP3 format from the MSU Today and WJR Web sites, and will soon be heard in a longer format on MSU’s award-winning student radio station, 89 FM The Impact.

As I noted in my Founders’ Day remarks, we’re trying to “see around the corner” and innovate in our work at MSU, to focus not only on current needs, but those of generations to come—both for the world we live in, and for the one that we imagine, but can’t quite see yet.

Each year, we use the occasion of Founders’ Day to honor those who are doing that work, whose outstanding efforts carry forward our tradition of advancing knowledge and transforming lives, and making it possible for each succeeding generation to reach even higher and to dream even bigger dreams.

We doubtless will be telling some of their stories in coming months, and we’re working hard to find the best possible media and technology to reach you with those stories.


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