Short-term delay of Proposal 2 implementation granted


I’m pleased to learn that the request MSU filed jointly with the University of Michigan and Wayne State University in federal court seeking a short-term delay in our implementation of Proposal 2 with respect to admissions and financial aid, has been granted. This will enable Michigan State to complete this year’s admissions and financial aid cycles using the same practices under which part of our fall 2007 class already has been admitted and granted aid.

Ultimately, I am most pleased that the June 30 date in today’s decision recognizes the importance of applying a consistent set of standards to all applicants during a single admissions and financial aid cycle. This legal time-out will allow us to be both responsive and responsible as we assess whether and to what extent, if any, Proposal 2 will trigger changes in its admissions and financial aid policies.

The injunction, which is limited to admissions and financial aid, will have no impact on MSU’s need to comply with the amendment in other areas like employment and public contracting. As I have indicated in prior statements, we will continue to work as diligently and rapidly as possible to understand and adapt to the boundaries of Proposal 2 as we meet our federal affirmative-action requirements and as we maintain our commitment to our core value of inclusion in the culture and daily life of our campus.


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