MSU celebrates parenting


Governor Granholm has proclaimed March 2007 as Parenting Awareness Month. Michigan State University celebrates families, and understands the challenges of family responsibilities and the multiple roles students, staff and faculty have in their balance of work, education and personal life.

As the Governor proclaims, “children are the state’s most precious resource, and our future depends on them.” We look to parents to be role models and instill the virtues of patience, kindness, generosity and humility. In addition, they must instill the importance of honesty, respect, education, service and determination. Parents who nurture and love their children promote the value of education and provide stability. Informed parents contribute to improving quality of life and reduce social problems such as substance abuse, academic failure, teenage pregnancy, violence and crime.

Families of all constellations, culture and diversity are a part of Team MSU. Students, staff and faculty represent traditional married two parent households, along with single parents, gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender parents, adoptive and foster parents, partnered couples, grandparents raising grandchildren and sandwich generation families where the parents of the children are also caring for their elders. Every family is unique and valued. And the parents have the most important job of raising their children to be as physically, socially and intellectually healthy as possible.

In celebration of Parenting Awareness Month, the MSU Family Resource Center is offering a variety of free activities and programs for all MSU families.

At MSU, we think families are so important, it is one of our strategic imperatives: Enrich community and family life. Our concern about family and parenting isn’t limited to our campus; we also support them in the broader community. Just one example is the work of Families and Communities Together (FACT). This multidisciplinary coalition links MSU researchers and resources with community partners and initiatives. Their work, along with other campus initiatives, empowers parents to be role models for the youth of the 21st century. MSU applauds parents’ efforts.


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