H1N1 flu response


As we begin final examinations and the activities and excitement surrounding commencements, I want to thank the entire MSU community for very responsive and responsible approaches to the H1N1 flu issues we’ve all faced. We have been discerning and caring, committed to communicating in ways that are thorough, accurate, and timely. I have been impressed by the community-wide cooperation and the absence of rumor perpetuation. Dr. Beth Alexander, University Physician, has brought together Team MSU in a coordinated way that has based advice and recommendations to me and others on the best possible data and broad and renowned expertise available to us at this great university. We have appreciated off-campus coordination as well, including the counsel of county, state, national and international public health officials. Too, we have worked with the state’s animal agriculture community to dispel myths and misnomers. In the days ahead, I encourage everyone to look to the MSU “Special Report” for updated and accurate information: www.special.news.msu.edu/h1n1/. I ask you to share this information with family and friends who will be visiting our beautiful campus during this week of hope, reflection, and celebration.


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