MSU Extension for the 21st century will move Michigan forward


You probably know that Michigan State University for the past several months has been engaged in a comprehensive process that acknowledges constrained state support and emerging challenges to society. Units from every quarter of the university have submitted restructuring plans to the provost, and those plans now are undergoing review. This is part of our Shaping the Future program, which we document online at

Along those lines, we have been engaged in the reshaping of MSU Extension to best meet the prosperity needs of Michigan in the 21st century. Extension has conducted a vigorous internal discussion focused on resculpting itself into a 21st-century organization, and the program now will carry that conversation to its external stakeholders, starting with partners in state government.

We have been grateful for the broad coalition of statewide support in explaining and advocating for that vision. As we work with our stakeholders and the executive and legislative branches to optimize alignment of MSU Extension and the Michigan Agricultural Experiment Station system to promote Michigan’s green economy, we are grateful for our partners’ support.

I am especially grateful for the mutual commitments, understandings, and collaborations that can serve as the bases for further support that have come out of our meetings and conversations with the executive branch.

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