Team MSU: exceeding expectations


Making it to the NCAA National Championship game in Detroit featuring the Michigan State University Spartans was a source of pride for the state of Michigan and for MSU fans everywhere.

Congratulations to Coach Izzo and to a team that demonstrated—throughout the season—tenacity, courage, character, resilience, and remarkable skills.

We’re proud of the way the Spartans exceeded expectations to advance to the National Championship. We’re proud of the way they played their season, with versatile teamwork—each player stepping up with the right play at the right time—that resulted not only in a record for rebounding that leads the nation but also a reputation for outstanding assist-leadership.

The practical, hard-working approach demonstrated by the Spartans this year is reflected in the work that takes place every day—in myriad ways—at MSU.

Like Coach Izzo and his team, we’ve been aligning world-class assets and capabilities with our supportive, can-do attitude to provide assists in communities from Michigan to Malawi. We believe that extraordinary potential lies in ordinary individuals, and we’re working to create circumstances in which that potential can be achieved.

The result?

MSU is enhancing and protecting quality of life for millions close to home and around the world, while leading an economic rebound for Michigan—from working with industry to create transformative automotive technology to partnering with IBM in a new development center on the MSU campus; from expanding our medical colleges into West and Southeast Michigan to winning the $550 million Facility for Rare Isotope Beams.

This Spartan basketball team earned its rightful place in the National Championship game. We are proud of the way they got there and the way in which they have embodied the spirit of Team MSU.


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