Haiti's earthquake is felt here


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Fellow Spartans:

Like you I have watched with sorrow as the devastation wrought by the earthquake near Port-au-Prince, Haiti, Jan. 12 becomes more manifest with each passing hour. Our hearts go out to our students of Haitian heritage and their families.

This is a time of great uncertainty and anxiety for them, and I’m happy to learn that their fellow students in the MSU Caribbean Student Association already are mobilizing to lend support by contacting academic departments and campus counselors.

I urge all in our community to show all the support they can for these students and families. Although human need beyond measure lies far away in the Caribbean, it could be that our greatest contribution to alleviating suffering at this moment is in comforting those here among us who have been touched by this calamity.

We have other connections with that area, too—individual students and faculty who have studied and served in Haiti. Such engagement and service exemplify some of the very best of world citizenship, and of the MSU mission, and we salute them as well.

We will continue to follow developments and assess ways in which MSU and the Spartan community can engage in Haiti’s relief and recovery.


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