What is our profession? Innovation!


Today, we honor some of Michigan State University’s brightest scholars and researchers at our second annual MSU Innovation Celebration, and we’re using the occasion to announce a new component of our technology transfer and business enterprise program.

In addition to hosting 11 of our faculty at the MSU Union to exhibit their exciting technologies, we’re honoring several others for their contributions to innovation and introducing Richard Chylla, the new executive director of MSU Technologies (MSUT).

I’m also pleased to take part in the announcement today of Spartan Innovations, a new office that will complement MSUT and our affiliated business liaison office, MSU Business-CONNECT. Spartan Innovations LLC, a newly formed subsidiary of the MSU Foundation, will put both human and financial resources behind technology spun off from MSU research.

You can learn more in new releases about Spartan Innovations and the Innovation Celebration.

As America’s pioneer land-grant university, Michigan State always has been focused on supporting the prosperity of Michigan’s citizens through discovery of knowledge and its swift application to the practical needs of the day through education and outreach. Today, that often takes the form of licensing technology and creating business enterprises based on our research, be it a new variety of blueberry, a K–12 mathematics curriculum, or handheld environmental monitoring technology—just some of the MSU innovations we’re saluting this year.

Today, we’re also unveiling a new website that serves as the hub of innovation and entrepreneurship at the university level, and I encourage you to explore its many links and the stories they tell. I also pass along a few of my thoughts on this subject in the video below.


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