2015 All-University Awards Convocation State of the University Address (excerpt)


"If you think about universities and education, we've become a little bit of a commodity in the minds of some.

"You can buy a course on iTunes. You can buy an idea. You can start your own company. You can do lots of things we do as departments, but you can't do all of us together.

"All of us together—working together across disciplinary lines, putting ideas together—connecting the dots in ways that make the whole greater than the sum of the parts.

"That's what a great university does, and Michigan State University is a great university because of all its people and the partners around the world."

Watch the entirety of President Lou Anna K. Simon’s remarks to the 2015 All-University Awards Convocation on video here.

Photograph of President Simon speaking at the 2015 ALl-University Awards Convocation State of the University Address.


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