The Orlando tragedy


Michigan State University, among campuses and communities around the world, was shocked by the horrific mass killing in Orlando, Florida. Many people, especially those who have been targets of dehumanizing treatment and violence, might feel especially vulnerable.

In recent days, there’s been a vast outpouring of support and condolence to the victims’ families and community. I want to join with those voices to reassure all in the Spartan family of this institution’s commitment to our LGBTQ community and to other affected groups, and of our continued insistence on respect for diversity and rejection of hate. As a community, we can rise above such stereotyping, lend support, and help others find peace in the aftermath of this unspeakable event.

An intellectually growing, learning community—such as we strive to be—must be a safe one where all members can pursue knowledge and the vital awareness of different perspectives without anxiety based on who they are. I remind Spartans that insult or injury to any one of us wounds all of us, so we must look after one another.

Encouraging words are important, but the response to evil in the world also calls for deeds of humanity and service that are at the core of who we are as Michigan State University and the global Spartan community.

I share some additional thoughts in the accompanying video. For those in our campus community who might need support, please visit ‪ or


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