Innovating for student success


Michigan State’s place among the world’s top research universities is a source of pride, but we’re also proud of the value we provide our undergraduates in the form of an excellent education that will serve them well for life.

The vast majority of our graduates say they would still choose MSU were they to do it over again. And if they did so today, they would notice the additional value we are building into the undergraduate experience.

MSU earned gratifying validation recently by being ranked the nation’s top public university in the student engagement category of the first-ever Wall Street Journal/Times Higher Education college ranking, which puts student success and learning at its heart.

Engagement is a quality that heightens the educational value of a student’s experience, and, as the report noted, is not common at large research universities. But MSU is a place of “ands,” not “ors,” and our commitment to delivering more opportunities and value to both students and society is impressive.

One component of MSU’s student success initiative is the Hub for Innovation in Learning and Technology, which is designed to support collaboration and innovation around improving the process of learning. It was created to help remove barriers to internal sharing and adoption by locating and generating models of evidence-based innovation in teaching and learning and then helping propagate them across the university.

Although learning innovation is a campuswide phenomenon, the Hub’s recently opened space in Wells Hall provides a central location where academic unit teams can huddle with Hub staff and where faculty, staff, and students can connect and collaborate. With more than a dozen Hub projects already underway, the work will soon touch everyone who earns an undergraduate degree from MSU.

The idea is to collaborate to find new ways to enhance academic success for all—a goal rooted in MSU’s core values of quality, inclusiveness, and connectivity.  



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