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Office Staff

Bill Beekman manages the administrative responsibilities for board meetings, university ordinances, policies, and courtesies. He also works with the board and the president to implement their agenda for change. Bill can be reached at (517) 353-9818 or beekman@msu.edu.

Allison Tilma Craft oversees and prepares communications for the president, coordinates events hosted by the president, serves as liaison to Cowles House, greets guests, answers phones, manages student employees, and is a member of the communications team. Allison can be reached at (517) 355-6560 or tilmaall@msu.edu.

Marti Howe schedules university-related meetings, appointments, engagements, conferences, and travel for the president. Marti can be reached at (517) 355-6560 or howem@msu.edu.

Jane Miller manages the administrative support activities for the Office of the President and Board of Trustees. Jane can be reached at (517) 432-0121 or miller67@msu.edu.

Jackie VandenBosch provides direct administrative support to the members of the Board of Trustees, including coordination of meetings, retreats, and university-related travel. Jackie can be reached at (517) 432-8777 or vande357@msu.edu.

Shari Walsh provides direct support to the secretary of the Board of Trustees and administers the budget for the Office of the President and the Board of Trustees. Shari can be reached at (517) 353-9818 or shari.walsh@pres.msu.edu.