April 26, 2023: RVSM workgroup leadership change

Dear campus community,

Our university has been very fortunate for the past five years to have two outstanding leaders guiding and supporting MSU efforts to improve our relationship violence and sexual misconduct services, education and prevention efforts. Since 2018, Dr. Rebecca Campbell and MSU Police Deputy Chief Andrea Munford have served as co-chairs of the RVSM Expert Advisory Workgroup, and since 2019 both have served as special advisors to the president. With gratitude for their outstanding service, I am writing today to share that they have decided to step down from these roles and return their full-time focus to their research and service to RVSM survivors.

Over the last five years, our co-chairs have shown tremendous leadership, tirelessly advocating on the front lines and behind the scenes for survivors and all those who have been impacted by relationship violence. Together with the workgroup, they have focused on strengthening prevention programs, improving campus culture and advising on continued Title IX response efforts. They also served as members of the Office of Civil Rights Oversight Committee, which oversaw the completion of more than 130 actions stemming from the federal reviews of the Nassar case.

Under their leadership, the workgroup was able to reach many milestones that significantly changed the way MSU works to prevent and respond to sexual violence on campus. Some of their major achievements include:

  • Building the Office for Civil Rights and Title IX Education and Compliance as a stand-alone unit and expanding staffing levels, trainings and programming for the campus community.
  • Creating the first on-campus sexual assault health care program, which provides crisis intervention and medical forensic examinations.
  • Constructing the university’s first RVSM Strategic Plan, which is currently being carried out by the RVSM workgroup over a five-year period.
  • Initiating the first all-encompassing campus climate survey — the Know More Campus Survey — measuring the prevalence of sexual misconduct and workplace incivility on campus and the perceptions of university leadership and the policies, programs and education surrounding it.

Additionally, as presidential advisors, their expertise has been tapped during other university challenges to ensure a trauma-informed approach by the institution — most notably during COVID-19 mitigation and in response to the violence our community experienced on Feb. 13. These are just a few of the many initiatives that Dr, Campbell and Deputy Chief Munford have led, with a full list of projects they were a part of available to view.

The important work of the RVSM Expert Advisory Workgroup will continue and I have asked Dr. Carrie Moylan, associate professor in the School of Social Work, and Dr. Stephanie Anthony, director of College Access Initiatives in the Office of University Outreach and Engagement as well as vice chairperson of the Faculty Senate and Steering Committee in Academic Governance, to step into these roles. Moylan is a longstanding workgroup member and part of the MSU Research Consortium on Gender-Based Violence. She has 25 years of experience in RVSM issues as a social worker and researcher and has focused specifically on RVSM issues in campus contexts. Anthony is a trained psychologist and suicidologist and has counseled in matters of sexual assault and intimate partner violence and provided assistance to child abuse survivors through past work with the Michigan Department of Attorney General’s Consumer Protections unit. Additionally, she led academic governance review of key MSU RVSM policy changes and safety improvements. I look forward to working with both and have full confidence in their dedication to moving our RVSM work forward.

While the transition is planned for May 15, Dr. Campbell and Deputy Chief Munford will be on hand to ensure the success of Dr. Moylan and Dr. Anthony in their new roles in the coming months. You will be hearing more from our new co-chairs soon.

Please join me in offering our gratitude to Dr. Campbell and Deputy Chief Munford for their dedication and service and in welcoming Dr. Anthony and Dr. Moylan to their new responsibilities for ensuring a safer campus for all.

My best,

Teresa K. Woodruff, Ph.D. (she/her/hers)
Interim President
MSU Research Foundation Professor