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March 18, 2024

Spartans are finding solutions for a changing environment

Dear Spartan community,

As one of America’s leading global research universities, Michigan State University is dedicated to addressing the world’s most pressing challenges through discovery and innovation. In 2023, our research expenditures reached an all-time high of $844 million – an 11% increase from the prior year. This growing research portfolio reflects advances in knowledge that create a brighter future in Michigan and beyond.

Today I want to share with you some of the great work happening at MSU around climate solutions. This vital research — highlighted as a priority in our MSU 2030 Strategic Plan — covers a range of areas, involves every one of our colleges and engages more than 500 faculty researchers.

One notable focus is our work related to water. Currently, researchers are collaborating with local communities to protect precious shorelines from coastal erosion, keeping communities safer. We’re also working hand in hand with Michigan farmers to reduce nutrient runoff that causes harmful algae blooms in the Great Lakes, which can kill wildlife and cause human illness — in addition to harming tourism and fishing industries.

During March and April, a targeted social and digital campaign will help to create greater visibility around how MSU helps Michigan keep waters safe and healthy through research-informed solutions. I encourage you to learn more about this work and to share with your network great stories like this about Spartan impact in Michigan.

Beyond our focus on water, MSU is pursuing solutions to other climate-related challenges across agriculture and plant sciences, human health, soil, animal health and much more. Learn more about our climate solutions research.

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Kevin M. Guskiewicz, Ph.D.

Professor, Department of Kinesiology