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June 4, 2024

Jun. 4, 2024: A note of gratitude

Dear colleagues,

I often say that my favorite place on a college campus is in the classroom. In part, that’s because I enjoy engaging with curious students and encouraging them to explore new ideas and always ask why. But it’s also because the classroom crystalizes so much of what all of you – our dedicated faculty and staff – do to bring this passionately public university to life. Whether it is planning lessons and caring for our physical campus environment or securing scholarship gifts and supporting applicants through the admission process, all of you contribute to fostering an inclusive environment in which our students can learn, grow and thrive.

As we look forward to summer, I would like to pause and express my gratitude for everything you do for our students and MSU. Since arriving here on March 4, I have enjoyed meeting so many of you during my 48-stop campus listening and learning tour. I will share my tour impressions more fully in the fall, but what I would like to emphasize today is how thoroughly impressed I am with your commitment to providing the very best education and workplace culture for all Spartans.

As our MSU 2030 strategic plan indicates and my observations bear out, faculty and staff are the beating heart of our university and the source of our excellence and momentum. You lead the way in advancing the success of our students, including helping to graduate more than 10,000 of them in April. And you are at the forefront of our efforts to generate new knowledge and provide bold service to the public.

We are, quite simply, one team, and none of us could perform our jobs as well as we do without the support of one another. So, thank you again for all your tremendous efforts to strengthen this great institution. Please take some time this summer to rest and recharge. I am grateful to call you colleagues and look forward to our continued collaboration as we build an MSU that is even more strategic, bold and student-focused.