Oct. 5, 2021: DEI Foundations online education program

Dear Students, Staff and Faculty,

Last year, MSU launched the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) Foundations online education program. This online module is the result of student advocacy and broad community concern calling for a required program to help establish a culture of inclusion among all Spartans at MSU.

DEI Foundations sets the tone for MSU and emphasizes our commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion. Your participation is vital to uphold an environment where we all can succeed. We ask that you join in this shared responsibility and make it a priority to complete this required module.

You will receive an email notification if you are required to take the module or you can visit the Office of Regulatory Affairs to check your status. Those who have completed DEI Foundations during the 2020-21 academic year will not be required to take a refresher course until a point to be determined in the future.

This online program serves as a starting point for all students, trainees, faculty and staff members who can then engage in more nuanced learning around bias, DEI language and inclusive community building through the Office for Inclusion and Intercultural Initiatives. You will find a robust offering of in-person, hybrid and virtual workshops, seminars and innovative programs throughout the year to support your continued growth and proficiency in DEI principles and practices.

MSU aspires to achieve inclusive excellence that supports respect and accountability. You deserve a university that affirms everyone's presence and DEI Foundations is a vital element toward that imperative.


Samuel L. Stanley Jr., M.D. (he/him)

Jabbar R. Bennett, Ph.D. (he/him)
Vice President and Chief Diversity Officer