My Spartan Story

The college experience is much more than the sum of a student’s time spent in the classroom. Recently, MSU launched My Spartan Story, the nation’s most comprehensive co-curricular record to help students sculpt meaning from their college experience, broaden their spectrum of interests, cultivate a sense of belonging and present the full breadth of their abilities to potential employers. My Spartan Story presents a narrative about the entire student including employment, research positions, internships, and community engagement. Combined with their academic transcript, My Spartan Story empowers students to present a broad, coherent picture of their Spartan experience that empowers them to tell a holistic story about their identity, experiences, skills and talents.

What My Spartan Story Does
Students learn and greatly benefit from participation in out-of-class learning experiences. My Spartan Story centers these experiences, tracks the learning that has been accomplished and allows students to formally document their efforts through the Spartan Experience Record.

My Spartan Story uses 29 learning outcome statements that are designed to help students reflect on and communicate about their MSU student experiences with potential employers and other audiences. To develop these statements, a research team arranged and clustered over 140 learning outcome statements from six sources across MSU.

The Spartan Experience Record
The Spartan Experience Record is MSU’s official record of student learning in co-curricular activities. It is designed to accompany a student’s academic transcript and lists only validated student participation in officially approved MSU experiences within My Spartan Story. This document represents the formal recognition of each experience, which has been validated by MSU as an experience connected to learning outcomes that result in professional skill development. 

How it works
As students submit co-curricular activities, faculty and staff place experiences into the My Spartan Story platform. These experiences are peer-reviewed by a group of faculty and staff to ensure alignment to the established parameters and definition of co-curricular experiences. Once approved, the experiences populate in the searchable My Spartan Story Catalog for students to select to be validated by the faculty/staff advisor or supervisor upon completion of the experience to display on the Spartan Experience Record. Students can request their customizable Spartan Experience Record through the Registrar’s Office.

What this means for MSU
By understanding the learning outcomes of out-of-class opportunities, advisers and department leads can better assess the needs of students. This allows the university to improve the overall quality of out-of-class educational experiences. Departments and advisers can also gather key information to determine how to dedicate resources toward helping students graduate.

By investing in this platform, MSU is positioned to be a leader and resource in co-curricular records and learning. It is anticipated that the platform will be the largest and most comprehensive in the country.

Together, MSU and its partners can build a network of opportunities and knowledge.