Focused Inquiry

A key input to the strategic planning process is the creation of Focused Inquiry Groups charged with looking into key areas that are vital to the planning of our future. The goal of these sub- committees is to explore the environment in an effort to begin to answer key questions set forth in the planning process.

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Values Development Subcommittee

  • Members
    • Jennifer Johnson – Lead
    • Brianna Aiello
    • Merri-Jo Bales
    • Pero Dagbovie
    • Stephen Esquith
    • Jennifer Gruber
    • Wanda Lipscomb

Collecting input from across campus and other stakeholders, the group has developed a draft set of institutional values. Numerous engagement sessions with students, faculty, staff and alumni have provided additional insights to be considered.

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Optimal Scope and Scale Subcommittee

  • Members
    • Anna Maria Santiago – Lead
    • Merri-Jo Bales
    • DeAndra Beck
    • Debra Bittner
    • Rebecca Campbell
    • John Gaboury
    • Doug Gage
    • Jonelle Golding
    • Eric Hegg
    • Ann Hoffman
    • John Verboncouer

This group explored several key questions including how MSU positions itself for leadership as a next-generation land-grant institution; how we will leverage resources and anticipate society’s evolving needs; what a fourth industrial revolution and the new economy mean for MSU; and how we might align skills, incentives and resources to create a plan that achieves our vision.

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Online Learning Strategy Subcommittee

  • Members
    • Jeff Grabill – Lead
    • Brianna Aiello
    • John Ambrose
    • Jason Archer
    • Stefanie Baier
    • Norm Beauchamp
    • Keith Bezant Niblett
    • Kristine Bowman
    • Megan Donohue
    • Paul Freddolino
    • Venceslaus Gore
    • Jennifer Gruber
    • Brendan Guenther
    • Alicia Jenner
    • Amanda Lanier
    • Christopher Long
    • Kelly Millenbah
    • Gerald Rhead
    • Joseph Salem
    • Richard Saouma
    • Scott Schopieray
    • Richard Spreng
    • Heather Swain
    • John Verboncoeur
    • Vedat Verter
    • Aman Yadav
    • Michael Zakhem

This group is focused on shaping an online learning strategy for MSU that is aligned with our mission and values and considers future-oriented dynamics such as institution size, reputation, and market demands. A successful strategy will outline what capabilities are necessary to run high-quality, highly effective, and market-competitive online programs.

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Institutional Resources Subcommittee

  • Members
    • Thomas Jeitschko - Lead
    • John Beck
    • Dan Bollman
    • Sanjay Gupta
    • Ron Hendrick
    • Jennifer Johnson
    • Leo Kempel
    • Chris Long
    • Joan Rose
    • Kathy Wilbur
    • Michael Zeig
    • with support and input from Dave Byelich, Richard Saouma and Arnold Weinfeld

This group reviewed numerous areas vital to the university’s long-term operational success; including revenue sources and limitations, cost-savings mechanisms, budget models, and suggestions for moving forward with specific planning options.

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 Use our feedback form or email your thoughts to