Message from the President

President Samuel L. Stanley Jr. Michigan State University is a globally respected institution dedicated to the cultivation of leading-edge knowledge and the noble land-grant ideal of broad access to excellence. This is the essence of the land-grant mission that MSU served as the model for more than 160 years ago.

That excellence is reflected in the caliber of MSU’s 13,000 faculty and staff members and more than 50,000 students from across the state and around the globe. Michigan State’s impact extends well beyond our beautiful 5,200-acre campus through the contributions of more than 500,000 Spartan alumni and to the research and educational partnerships maintained on every continent.

Michigan State is known for innovations in teaching and learning, groundbreaking and life-saving discoveries and close collaborative engagement in communities from East Lansing to East Africa.

With the scope and scale few others possess, I believe Michigan State is making an extraordinary impact, from preparing the next generation of scholars and scientists to nurturing prosperity across the state to finding research solutions that will make a better world.

The university’s diverse campus reflects our values of equity and inclusion and our community’s dedication to creating a caring culture of accountability, safety and respect.

I am excited by this university’s upward trajectory in so many areas. I am eager to work with the entire MSU community as we meet the challenges before us. I see enormous opportunity ahead, and I am committed to establishing with you a safer, more respectful and more caring campus.

We have been called upon to write the next chapter in Michigan State University’s storied history. Together, we can make it a great one.

Samuel L. Stanley Jr., M.D.
MSU President