Office Hours for Students

President Stanley invites Michigan State University students to meet with him individually during designated office hours to discuss their thoughts and experiences as Spartans. Office hours with President Stanley will be held in person in his office at the Hannah Administration Building. 

Students interested in meeting with President Stanley during office hours should complete and submit the form below, including identifying the topic(s) they wish to discuss. Certain academic and non-academic matters (e.g., grade disputes, funding requests, complaints/grievances) must be handled by the office responsible for administering the applicable university policy. Accordingly, such applications will be directed to the appropriate office.

Each meeting request will be reviewed in the order received. Approved requests will be assigned a date and time for the meeting. Each meeting will be scheduled for 15 minutes to take place in the president’s office. In order to accommodate as many meeting requests as possible, students will be limited to one meeting per academic year.

The meetings will be limited to three students per schedule block to ensure sufficient time for a substantive discussion. Recording any meeting is strictly prohibited to avoid disclosure of information contained in any student’s education records that might be discussed, in compliance with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act. Students who fail to comply with meeting guidelines or engage in disruptive conduct during the meeting may be subject to discipline.